I was invited to give a talk in the Barter Vista event last month and thought it would be good idea to write something about it especially some of the things that I have highlighted in my sharing.

I shared about the three key steps every business owners should look into when they are considering to use their website as their marketing channel and an effective sales generator. The following are the three steps you should be aware of:

1. Knowing Where You Are

Before you start to do changes or improve your site, one minimum thing you should do is to know your current standing. Are you now attracting enough Search Engine traffic every month? How many visitors to your site do you have last month. Do you know are there websites that send you traffic every month? It is only when you start to measure then you will be able to know which areas should you work.

If you have yet to start measuring your website traffic, I would strongly suggest you to use the Google Analytics.

2. Do You Have a Key Conversion Page?

A key conversion page is a point where you want your prospects to express an interest in your services or products. It does not have to mean a sale or transaction. It can simply means a sign up of a free trial lesson like one of my clients, Irwin’s Study tuition centre did for his business.

If you are providing a personalized service and securing a face to face appointment is important, you may gain inspiration from Stephen Mok’s blog at Kairos Advisor. His blog has a key conversion page that people can sign up for a free financial health check and take away valuable advice on how to secure yourself financially.

3. Getting Targeted Traffic From Search Engines

The final step is to optimize your page so that relevant people can land on your site when they are searching for your services or products. If you want to find out more on how you can optimize your site yourself, please refer to the official Google SEO Start Guide and one of my guides –SEO Guide for Business Owners.

You can download my entire set of presentation slides here.

The nice people who I have met

I would also like to mention that  I have a great time during this event staying in touch with some of my long-time clients and also new contacts. They are:

  • C.S. Lai from Appxolute Pte Ltd – The company to look for when you need to improve your productivity as well as development of web applications. Lai is also a member with the BNI Harvest Singapore.
  • Preston Koh from OKILABS – Preston leads the business development for the company where they specialise in web and mobile solutions.
  • Azon and Vimala from Agape School of Education – Who has been supporting me since I started to conduct workshops one year ago =)
  • Annie Tay from INIZIO who runs a face and body spa business at Teo Hong Road.
  • Andy Ng, a very professional trainer who conducts more than 10 workshops every month on Leadership and Sales training.
  • David Chiu from 360 Global Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Magdalene Chong from Batam View Beach Resort
  • And not forgetting the great team from Barter Vista for making this event successful!

Finally, the following are some photos taken to share with you!