wordpress online courseI am really excited to announce that we have recently launched our first online course – WordPress for Small Business – to teach you how you can use WordPress to create a professional website easily and automate it to generate leads for your business!


The idea of online learning started some time back when I realised that learning in a classroom setting poses constraints to our course participants.


Often times we have had people who are keen to attend a course but couldn’t make it for the actual class due to busy schedules, time limitations or simply travel inconveniences.


With online learning, things are different altogether! I’m really happy that our signature course, WordPress for Small Business, is now available online – giving you total flexibility to do the learning that you need.


Imagine that you no longer have to pre-commit your time to attend a course on a fixed date. You don’t even need to travel somewhere just to attend the class. Anyone can choose to do the learning whenever and wherever they choose and at their own pace. There is tremendous potential in the benefits of online learning (here are the reasons why we think you’ll love learning online).


I hope this online course can benefit a lot more people whom didn’t have the chance to come for our courses so far. To all the busy business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, this online course is for you : )


Click here to check out our WordPress for Small Business online course now.


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p.s. Our online courses are hosted on Udemy, which has over 4 million students worldwide and is a great platform for anyone who is interested to create courses to sell based on their knowledge expertise. If you are keen to teach online, feel free to contact me to find out more!