I have been looking around for better hosting ever since Vodien stopped offering unlimited addon domains and free SSL certificates. After trying out a few hosting, I am happy to stick with A2 hosting till now!

First, A2 Hosting offers free SSL certificates, this means you do not need to spend additional money to purchase SSL certificates in order to make your website HTTPS. The cheapest SSL certificate Vodien offers is $60 per year – this means you are saving $60 a year by choosing a hosting (in this case, A2 Hosting) that offers free SSL.

HTTPS is important if you are running ecommerce websites. On top of this, search engines like Google is also ranking SSL sites higher on search engines. Thus, it is important in this technology age to have your site HTTPS.

Second, A2 Hosting offers free addon domain names. This means you can add as many additional domain names to the same hosting plan as you want.This is another money saving feature especially if you intend to have many websites. Unlike Vodien which you can only have 5 additional websites (addon domain names), A2 Hosting let you add as many domain names as you want. 

Personally I really like this feature because I have many domain names and often need to setup testing sites too.

Third, A2 hosting let you choose which server location you like. They have locations like U.S., Europe and Singapore for you to choose. If the target market of your website is in Asia, then you can choose Singapore as your server location. Else, if your target market is world-wide, then choose U.S. as the server location.

On the other hand, Vodien only provides server location in Singapore.

Fourth, A2 hosting provides much more disk space for your websites. In fact, they don’t limit how much disk space you use. The same applies to bandwidth. Bandwidth means how many visitors you can have every month to your website. Although Vodien also offers unlimited bandwidth, they place a limit on the disk space you can use.

Fifth, A2 Hosting is more affordable! I believe this factor is important for most people when they are choosing a suitable hosting. The DRIVE plan that A2 Hosting offers only costs US$4.99 per month (during promotion period) and you can add unlimited domain names and have unlimited disk space and bandwidth!

For Vodien, even if you pay SGD$99 every month (USD$70 approx.), you can only have 150 GB of disk space and add up to 44 additional domain names.

Sixth – In terms of customer service, Vodien used to have the most superior customer service but not after they were being acquired a few year ago.. I have been using A2 hosting support when there are issues or questions regarding my hosting and the support always get back to me within 12hrs. To me, I would say A2 hosting support is above average as compared to most hosting.

If you are choosing a plan at A2 Hosting, I would recommend getting the Turbo Boost plan where you will get a faster server than most people. The investment is only US$9.99 per month.

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