I like to ask people how much a potential customer would worth to them. If I can teach you a method how to get people (especially your potential customer) subscribe and follow you without you actively looking, wouldn’t it be great? If this is what interests you, read this entire post as I am going to share with you how I manage to increase my leads by 10 times!

Smart use of Popup!

I used to hate popups especially when I visit other people’s websites and it is very disturbing to have to close windows after they popup so many times! But in reality, popup does work, especially with the right techniques!

In the past, I only have about 4 to 6 signups for my online course every month. But after I implemented this smart popup plugin, I managed to get 30 to 60 people sign up for my online course every month! This also increase the number of people signing up for my offline classes!

The following is the popup I show visitors in my website.

WordPress Popup Plugin

Advanced Techniques For Effective Popups!

The following are some advanced techniques you can implement with this plugin to increase your conversion rate immediately!

  1. Configure the popup to show after 7 seconds when a visitor land on your site! – Very Effective!
  2. Only show two fields maximum (First name and email) for people to fill up! – If you can, it is even better to just need their email.
  3. Display in selected page (Highly targeted!).

The plugin that I recommend is able to do all the above and more. This plugin is not free and I am glad that now it gets me new Subscribers everyday! Click here to see and read more about this amazing popup plugin!