(Updated: 15 Jan 2017)

I am really excited to share that Udemy (one of the largest online course providers) has just announced the  New Year promotion! Now you can get any course at just US$10 (starting from 01 Jan and ends in the next few days) instead of the regular US$100 to US$200. Before you get too excited checking out all the courses over at Udemy, I guess it would be better for me to start the ball rolling by sharing with you what I think are the top 7 10 courses that you must sign up to prepare for the year ahead!

Although the New year promotion has ended, you can still enroll the following courses at some discount if you are new to Udemy. Just click on the course links below and see how much discount you can get. For Singaporeans, some Udemy courses are also eligible for skillfuture credits! Enjoy browsing!


Copywriting Secrets – How To Write Copy That Sells

copywriting secrets

This popular course on Udemy is created by Lens Smith, who has been a professional copywriter for the past 20 years. In this 3 hours long Udemy course, you will learn how to write a structured and compelling sales copy, use the power of words to generate more sales and write powerful Call To Actions. Click here to check out all the video lessons!


An Entire MBA in 1 Course:Award Winning Business School Prof


Now, the reason why I mention this course is not only because this course is created by a MBA professor, but it has one of the most number of students enrolled online! With more than 54,000 students enrolled in this course and 5000+ good reviews, I urge you to check this course out if you are keen to start your own business someday. Click here to check out all the reviews and course outline!


Learn to Sell Anything by Grant Cardone


If you are running your business or in the sales profession, you must check out this course by Grant Cardone. Grant teaches the skills, techniques and strategies to sell anything in this online course. Grant believes that selling is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered. And in this course, he will show you how. Click here to view or enroll this course! Note: This course may not be eligible for US$10 offer, but you can still get it at a very low price.


Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory


This course is co-created by Jonathan Levi, Dr Lev and Prof. Anna. With over 60+ lectures teaching you how to learn anything faster and improve your memory, I believe this is one of the best value-packed course you can get in Udemy. If there is only one course you can get, this is the one! Click here to find out what you will learn in this course!


Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer


I highly recommend this course because we learn best by having fun! This course uses game as teaching examples for you to learn how to create games by learning C# using Unity, which is a very popular software to create games on mobile too. If you have always been wanting to create mobile games, then this course is ideal for you! Click here to take a look at this comprehensive course!


Body Language for Entrepreneurs


In my years of business in web design and training, I must say that impressions really matter a lot. And learning how to leverage our body language to our advantage in all kinds of event definitely helps! With more than 16,000+ students enrolled in her course, Vanessa Van Edwards has many awesome reviews for her course! Click here to find out the entire course coverage!


Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016–Stop SEO & Win With PPC!


Are you looking to increase targeted traffic to your website using Google? The fastest way you can do so is to use Google Adwords which is their Pay-Per-Click program. In this Google Adwords course, you will learn how to open a floodgate of traffic at your command. The Instructor, Isaac, also teaches you how to do conversion tracking and remarketing which are both very powerful web marketing tactics that you can employ for your business! Check out this awesome course here!


Social Media Marketing 2016 – Complete Certificate Course


Have you been wanting to use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, google+, Instagram to market your business but never seems to make them work? I would highly recommend this social media course by SO ME Academy because it covers from the basics to how you can create content on each platform to attract followers. If you want to start to learn social media marketing, this is the first course you should start! Click here to check out the course details.


iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional


This is definitely one of the must have courses if you want to learn how to create an app and list it on apple store. IOS 10 is the latest language right now. For just US$10, you will get more than 260 video tutorials covering from beginning to mastering IOS and swift to create apps and even apply for jobs or contracts as a IOS / swift programmer. This is so far one of most massively packed courses I have seen in Udemy. If you have been thinking of creating mobile apps especially for the apple store, then grab this one before the promotion ends. Click here to check out this IOS course.


Master Android 7 App Development


If you want to create mobile app and put it on Android store rather than apple store, then you must enroll in this Android app development course by Tim and Jim-Paul. From downloading and configuring a free software, to doing practical apps, the Instructors provide clear steps to help you learn step by step towards mastery. Click here to find out more about this course here.


So there you have it! These are the top 10 courses I would recommend you take up to prepare for 2017!

You can also view a list of highly recommended business courses by Udemy via this link.

The above links contain my affiliate id and I would be delighted if you purchase the courses if you like it. If you don’t like the idea, you can go straight to Udemy and search for these courses. Anyway, I wish you have a happy and fruitful learning!