I am still feeling excited writing about what has happened during my IEBC (Internet Entrepreneurs Bootstrapping Course) last weekend on the 12 Sept 2009! It is my pleasure assisting aspiring Entrepreneurs to start their businesses online with the help of the amazing open source web creation tool – Joomla. Although this is my sixth batch of IEBC, I am still very eager to meet and share with people how we can start up Internet Business so effortlessly (I mean the technical part) nowadays.

We started off pretty early as compared to previous classes and managed to finish the content creation section one hour before lunch! It just amazes me that sometimes the energy of the class (and me perhaps) can make so much of a difference!

We have great fun this time round especially when we went into the Search Engine Optimization module in the afternoon where I talk about the three techniques to outrank most Singapore websites. I am surprised that some students actually has some knowledge on SEO before they came for the course. This may mean that more and more people are started to look into optimization using the Search Engines.

IEBC - 12 Sept 2009

I have to thank Yong Sak (the photographer that contributes this great shot) and Wee Heng (not in picture, but a great Trainer!) for helping me out in this class as Co-Trainers once again (these guys are real Givers!). Also appreciate Agnes, one of my Internship students from NYP to help me out in the admin and facilitate the course =)

Sincere thanks to those who have attended the course and I wish you all great successes in your Internet Business!

Remember, never give up! Call me anytime when you need some advice =)

Edit: Forget to put down the details for my next course =) If you are interested to join us and learn how you can start up Internet Business, take a look at the IEBC official page here for more details! The next course will be held on the 24 Oct 2009!