As an online entrepreneur, it is important to find the right tools to help you streamline your daily tasks so you can save loads of precious time – which is equivalent to money savings!


Here are 5 quick and simple tools that that you can easily integrate into your routine to help you run your online business more efficiently – starting today!




1. Never Forget Your Password Again


Imagine this, you are all prepared to start on your important task of the day, only to realize you have forgotten your login password and you cannot even get past the login screen.


Sounds familiar? Many of us have encountered this situation before and with the increasing number of online accounts that we have to maintain nowadays, it is near impossible for us to remember every single password that we use.


If you have trouble organizing and remembering all your passwords, LastPass is what you need. I have been using this plugin for the past 2 years and I absolutely recommend it!


never forget your password again


What exactly is LastPass?


It is a browser extension (works in all browsers) which helps to capture your password whenever you log in to a website for the first time, and it stores the information securely in an online repository.


So the next time you visit the same website, you do not have to manually enter your password again because LastPass “remembers” it for you!


In other words, instead of remembering tons of passwords for all your different online accounts, you now only need to remember one master password for your LastPass account and it takes care of the rest for you.


For security purposes, it is always a good practice to log out of your LastPass account before you shut down your computer. This is to ensure that your password details are kept secure in the event that your computer is lost or stolen.


Forgetting passwords and struggling to retrieve them is a huge time waster. Try LastPass for free and say goodbye to all these problems :)



2. Storing Your Files In The Cloud


If you ever experienced a nerve-wracking computer breakdown that wiped out all the data and files that were saved in your computer over the years, you would know how important it is to backup your data regularly.


But honestly, how often do we actually perform backups for the data in our computer?


That is the reason why I love Dropbox – in fact I think it is one of the greatest technology inventions in recent years!


Not only does Dropbox help to keep your data safe, it is so simple and hassle-free to use!




All you need to do is to download Dropbox (which is free) and when it is successfully installed, a dedicated folder called “Dropbox” will be automatically setup in your computer .


You can then start to save your files in this Dropbox folder and they will be accessible from any computer or device that has the Dropbox app installed and logged in with the same account details – this is how powerful cloud technology is!


With Dropbox, you don’t have to worry if your computer is damaged or lost, because you can easily retrieve all your data by simply installing Dropbox on a new computer and logging in with your account details – your files will be right there. Imagine how life-saving that is!


There are many other great uses for Dropbox, and the great news is, Dropbox is free to use and it comes with 2GB free storage space!


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3. Finding Free Products To Give Away To Your Subscribers


Building a mailing list should be one of the top priorities for every online business.


One of the common ways to do that is to attract your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list by giving them something for free in exchange for their contact information.


Question is, what can you give away, especially if you are new and you do not have your own digital products? No worries, there’s a way.


What you can do is to purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) products.


In brief, PLR means that you purchase the legal rights to modify the digital product and sell it off at any price you like.


I have been using IDPLR for years and it is an excellent site where you can purchase quality PLR products.


They have plenty of digital products on various topics and I believe you will be able to find a suitable product to give away to your visitors for subscribing to your mailing list!


idplr review


4. Creating Your Own Customized Call-To-Action Buttons


If you have a website, one of the important elements that will help to increase conversion on your webpage is the use of attractive call-to-action buttons (over plain-looking hyperlink text) to lead your web visitors to take desired actions.


Depending on the nature of your business, a conversion can be defined as:

  • Contact – Getting your visitors to reach out to you for inquiries, or
  • Free trial – Having your visitors opt in for a free trial of your product or service, or
  • Purchase – Encouraging your visitors to buy your product or service.

A free handy site that I use to create my call-to-action buttons is Da Button Factory.


The tool allows you to customize the button text according to your needs. Instead of the usual “Click Here” or “Sign Up”, you can create fun buttons that say “Yes, I’m In!” or “Show Me My Free Gift”!


You can also further customize the appearance of the button including the font, button size, background colours and more.


It is really easy to use and you can create something like this in a few minutes:



Once you have created your call-to-action buttons, insert them at the bottom of every key page to capture the attention of your visitors and encourage them to take action.



5. Creating Simple Videos




Videos are a great way for you to engage with your visitors, whether it’s on your website, YouTube or social media. But if creating videos sounds complicated or intimidating to you, it doesn’t have to be!


I create my videos using Screencast-o-matic which is a tool that helps to capture my computer screen on video.


It is perfect for creating tutorial videos to show your followers how to do something on their computer.


By showing them exactly how you do it on your computer, you make learning much more effective for your followers instead of trying to explain everything in plain text!


You can try out Screencast-o-matic for free and if you like it, you can upgrade to the professional version to have access to more functions which costs only $15 per year.


The next time you need to demonstrate how to do something online, you can give Screencast-o-matic a try and have some fun with it :)


Thanks for reading this post, I hope you learnt some useful tips that you can implement in your routine to streamline your online business!


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