There are a lot of people who are interested in making money online – especially using ClickBank – but just have not seen much results yet.


The following 5 tips that I’m going to share with you will definitely help you in eliminating several things that you may be doing now that are unnecessary, so that you can start focusing on the important essentials. Read on, digest, and implement them!


Note: Just in case you’re not sure what ClickBank is – it’s an online marketplace that features lots of products that you can promote online/offline. Note that all ClickBank products are in digital form (eBooks, videos, graphics, software, etc).


1. Promote products that people are buying!


This may probably sound obvious but a lot of new ClickBank affiliates are making the mistake of choosing products solely based on how ‘attractive’ a product appears to them – without considering whether there is a real demand for the product online!


For instance, you’ll find quite a number of recipe eBooks in the ClickBank marketplace, but in actual fact, there are already plenty of recipes available online for free. So for someone to want to buy a recipe eBook from ClickBank, that product had better be really unique and one of a kind! Another example. In ClickBank, you will be able to find a software that helps people to create an eBook in PDF format. But we need to recognise that nowadays anyone can easily achieve that by convert a document into PDF using existing software like Microsoft Office or open office!


In a nutshell, before you consider promoting something, do check whether there are already free alternatives available out there. If yes, I wouldn’t advise you to promote that product.


One other important point of consideration in selecting a ClickBank product is its Gravity number. Gravity means how popular that product is selling in the last 30 days. If the gravity is zero, it means no one has purchased the product in the last 30 days.


For me, I will never promote anything with zero gravity unless it’s a rare case where I see great value and potential in a brand new product, then I may just give it a try.

make money on clickbank

Choose a product with non-zero gravity number!



2. Choose a product with affiliate resources!


If you have yet to make a single cent on ClickBank, you’ll want to take note of this next important tip. Recognise that smart product creators will always create banners, emails, eBooks and sample advertisements for you to use because they want to help you to be successful!


When I first started, I had to create my own banners and write my own emails. This not only takes up my time, but also requires plenty of testing to be done to determine which copy works. So I’d suggest for you to choose a product that already provides all the affiliate resources that you need. This way, you save time and you can start to market and promote the products immediately!

make money with clickbank

Select products with these affiliate resources!



3. Matching traffic to products


The biggest challenge affiliates face is getting people to buy, period. In today’s world, quantity is not enough. You must also consider the quality of the traffic.


For instance, ClickBank has a few products that teach people how to write good resumes, job cover letters and improve interview skills. If you were to promote these products in a forum that comprise mostly of teenagers who are interested in gaming, of course you will see little or no results! However, if you promote them through LinkedIn or career-related websites, the results will be way different!


My favorite way of getting people to buy the products I promote is Search Engine Marketing. Reason being when people search for something, they are either looking for more information or a solution to solve a problem. Go study and explore Search Engine Marketing – I’d say it is one of the valuable skills any profitable Clickbank affiliate must learn!



4. Build a list!


A lot of new ClickBank affiliates simply drive visitors directly to the product sales page, and that’s it. This method is ok for a start. But if you want to build a recurring and long term income, you’ll need to start building your own asset. Ask any business owner what is the most important element of a profitable business and they will tell you it’s their customers’ and business contacts.


Learn how to create a squeeze page to capture people’s email addresses before you promote the products. This is the second most important skill to learn right after Search Engine Marketing!



5. Believe in the product that you are promoting!


You’d be surprised that many people out there are promoting something that they do not truly believe in. That is no wonder they don’t see much results!


If there is only one thing you will remember and take away from this post, it has to be this : Always Promote Something That You Believe In! 


The fundamentals of running an online business is the same as other types of businesses – NEVER go out and tell someone to buy something that you yourself don’t even believe in! So do yourself a favor, if you are currently promoting a ClickBank product that you have not tried before (and don’t believe it works), STOP PROMOTING IT! Choose something that goes with your heart and build up a good relationship with the product creator and your leads through squeeze page techniques.



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