Too many people create websites expecting their website to sell by itself by making it informative. But creating informative content is only the beginning;  you have to get your visitors to take action!


The following are some tips I have for you that you can start applying to grow your sales through your website.


1. Create a Mailing List that People Want To Join


pencil2-png-128This may be obvious but there are so many websites that do not have a mailing list or email opt-in box. Even if there is, most websites only put up a newsletter subscription box.


Recognize that a significant part of your business revenue can be derived from email subscribers alone. For my business, our mailing list contributes more than 50% of our monthly revenue. Therefore I suggest for you to give it a serious thought on giving a good offer to your visitors to convert them into your subscribers.


Below are some ideas that you can implement to attract your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list:

–  Give away discount coupons for your products/services

–  Give a free trial/sample of your product / service

–  Give away videos (How-tos, interviews etc)

–  Give away eBooks/eGuides that you wrote


A good rule of thumb is that you should give away something that you can possibly sell for money and that people will buy. Do not give away junk as people will know and it will harm your branding!



2. Include Call-To-Action In Every Page


Register Now Button


Another thing you can start doing now is to include a call-to-action button at the bottom of every page in your website. 99% of websites out there do not have the call-to-action element. They just say what they do and that’s it!


One advice I want to give you is – take a good look at your web page again and ask yourself, what do you want your visitors to do after they have read a particular page in your website?


For example, if you want your visitors to read your powerful testimonials after reading your “About Me” page, then you should include a button at the end of your “About Me” page and tell your visitors to read what people say about your products or services.


For WebSprout Academy, we want our visitors to check out our courses after they land on our About page >> take a look here.



3. How To Get People To Use Your Contact Form


contact-us-iconOne technique we apply to get more people to use our contact form is to include a header telling visitors that we will get back to all inquiries within 48hrs. This sentence alone will give people the perception that your business is active and they will expect to hear from you promptly.


I have also seen too many contact forms that throw up errors after someone enters their message. Always test your contact form every now and then, you never know that a simple technical error can make you lose the next deal!


The above suggestions will help you to convert your traffic to sales eventually, but you still need the traffic to start with! If your website does not have enough visitors now, you will not see the difference even after implementing my suggestions.


In this case, you should focus on bringing visitors to your website first.

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