SEO Training & Coaching In Singapore

One-to-One SEO Coaching In Singapore

This one to one SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Coaching is specially formulated for you who want to learn how to increase your Search Engine Rankings. You will learn how to optimize your website using techniques endorsed by the Google.

Topics Outline

You are free to schedule one-to-one coaching anytime with us. The following is an overview of the SEO coaching coverage:

1. [Research Phase] Learn to conduct proper market research to determine what are the profitable keywords you can optimize for in 90 days – Guarantee!.

2. [Page Optimization Phase] Learn how to tweak important page elements to make them highly relevant for Search Engines.

3. [Off-Page Optimization] Learn the top 20% techniques that brings 80% of the results when it comes to Search Engine Rankings. You will also learn how to get quality and relevant websites to link to you.

4. [Conversion Analysis] Learn how you can increase the conversion at this stage when you start to receive targeted visitors based on Visitors behavior.

In total, the above will take about 6 to 12hrs to complete depending on your website.

SEO Market Comparison Chart

The following is a comparison chart listing the differences between typical SEO training, seminars, consultancy provided in Singapore. We have listed our coaching side by side for your reference:

One to One SEO Coaching SEO Consultancy / Outsourcing SEO Workshop & Seminar
Price Flexible
(Starts from $250 per hour*)
($1,000 to $20,000)
($1,000 to $3,000)
Ability to apply SEO by
Yes Not Possible Yes
Customize to your needs? Yes Yes No
Who Implements the SEO? You, together with our Coach Service Provider You alone
Refund? Yes
– If there are no increase in
rankings 3 months after
completion of the Off-Page
Optimization Phase.
Depends on service provider No
Time & location flexibility
for the session?
Yes NA No

*The special rate of $250/hr is only applicable to people who have attended WebSprout Consulting training or have been referred by WebSprout Consulting Associates. If not, the normal rate, $400/hr will apply.

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The following are some of the websites that have achieved 1st page Google ranking after using our techniques:

Trainer’s Profile

KC Tan - Internet Business CoachKC Tan is the Founder of WebSprout Consulting and has helped professionals and businesses optimising their websites for first page Search Engine ranking since 2008. With his practical advices, his clients managed to maintain the first page ranking for many years.

KC is an active Trainer in the topics of Search Engine Optimisation and has conducted training with organisations such as Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Compact, National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Civil Service Club and JobsCentral Portal. Till date, he has personally trained more than 500 Internet Entrepreneurs in Singapore. Find out more about KC here on this page.

One of the feedback from Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation on my SEO Training

SMA Feedback on KC Tan SEO / Analytics Training


Updated: KC has stopped providing one-to-one coaching. But you can contact us to receive coaching by one of our certified coaches.