How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Singapore

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Since starting my online business in 2005, affiliate marketing has been one of my monthly revenue streams simply because it is easy to setup once you understand how it works.


Now 12 years later in this new economy, many ask me how they can make a living doing affiliate marketing especially in Singapore where our living standard is so high.


These questions prompted me to write this blog post to share with you how you can start making affiliate marketing income with very minimum investment every month, and hopefully I can help you to accelerate the learning and achieve results!


Before I start, I want to manage your expectations by stating upfront that affiliate marketing is like running a business. There are risks, investment and effort involved.


Many people thought that affiliate marketing is like a push button thing where you hit the ‘ON’ button and it will generate income on autopilot – this is not true. The people who say this are trying to get you to buy their products or services!


Now, if you are prepared to invest time and effort, do read on and I am sure you will be able to start on something after reading and digesting this blog post. Good luck!



What Is Affiliate Marketing Really?


I like to explain things using very simple words. Affiliate Marketing means selling. You may not like this word but in this case, I meant more to online selling, which is very different from the way you sell offline.


You do not need to meet anyone face to face, in fact, you do not even need to deliver any products or services.


The reason why affiliate marketing exists is because product creators need more people to buy their products, hence they are willing to give away a referred bonus (also known as commission) to anyone who refers customers to them.


This is how it works online.


First, you need to sign up for an affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs available online. If you are living in Singapore, I would recommend these three popular affiliate programs – Amazon, ClickBank and Qoo10. I will go through the strengths and advantages of each of them in the later part of this post. Once you are approved by the program, you can start to promote any product in their marketplace.


Second, once your account is approved, you can login to the respective affiliate website to choose products to promote. For example for ClickBank, they have a lot of digital products (eBooks, videos, audios, software etc) that you can choose from their marketplace.


Third, after choosing a product that you want to promote, you can grab a customized link from the marketplace. This link is commonly known as your affiliate link. For example, this is my affiliate link to promote an effective learning program to teach young children how to read. When someone clicks on my affiliate link and makes a purchase, I will make a commission of 50%. Note that commission for digital product is generally higher than promoting physical products.


The fourth step is the most important step because this is where you promote the product. How are you going to tell people about this product, and most importantly get them to buy? I will teach you an effective strategy to promote affiliate products later in this post. But for now, let me manage your expectations once again…



Advantages & Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest type of online business, if you ask me. The main reason is because you do not need to create your own product or even a website!


As you could have imagined, affiliate marketing offers the following advantages:


  • Save time on creating your own products!
  • Save money because you do not need to spend money to create your own products!
  • You can run this business anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • You can start with zero dollars but I strongly suggest that you set aside a comfortable amount to invest and grow this business. Any amount between S$50 to S$200 per month is good for beginners.


Now, let me show you the biggest disadvantage of affiliate marketing.


Being an affiliate marketer, you do not have any control over the products that you are promoting. For example, a product that you are promoting today may be removed off the shelves of Amazon tomorrow.


Hence, you need to check regularly if the products you are promoting is still available for sale. In addition, the pricing of the product can change over time as well. These are the two biggest variables that you can’t control when you are an affiliate marketer.


Once you understand this and you are able to embrace the disadvantages, you are almost ready to make money with affiliate marketing!



Three Popular Affiliate Programs You Can Join!



ClickBank is the most popular affiliate program on the internet and they specialize in digital products (eBooks, audios, software and videos etc). I like ClickBank very much because you do not need to have a website to get your account approved.


In addition, it offers the highest commission out of the three programs that I recommend in this post. The average commission percentage  for a ClickBank product is 50%, which means if you recommend a product that costs US$50 and someone buys it, you will make US$25.


The disadvantage of ClickBank is that there are a lot of products in the marketplace that look very scammy. So I have created a video in the later part of this post to teach you how to select a good ClickBank product.


You can apply for ClickBank Affiliate program here.



If you are living in Singapore for quite sometime, you will have heard of Qoo10. Which is a very popular eCommerce marketplace where we buy very affordable items online. Qoo10 offers a Curator program that you can join and make money referring your friends to buy products on Qoo10.


What I like about Qoo10 is that they have very competitive pricing online and it is easy to recommend to your friends just because of the pricing. Qoo10 also has a very wide range of products to promote.


The disadvantages of Qoo10 Curator is that most products only yield you a commission of 1 to 2% so it takes a gigantic amount of sales for you to make a sizeable income (especially to make a living in Singapore).


I would suggest you use Qoo10 as a practice to improve your affiliate marketing along the way. But not so much for the income, perhaps just some pocket money to offset the expense on the things you buy on Qoo10 (if you are a Qoo10 customer).


You can apply for the Qoo10 Curator Program here.




Amazon is the biggest retailer online (in United States) and it has far more products that you can recommend comparing to Qoo10.


The biggest disadvantage of Amazon is that you need to have a website in order to get approved as an affiliate. Hence, you may want to put this program on hold till you have a website in future.


One thing I like about Amazon affiliate program is that they offer an increasing model of affiliate commission. You will get more commission if you sell more. But the highest percentage of commission in Amazon is still can’t compared with ClickBank.


You can apply for Amazon Associates Program here.



Why Most People Fail

To be honest, there are countless people before you who have tried affiliate marketing but failed miserably.


Every day I see comments from people all around the world telling others what they should do in affiliate marketing but rarely telling others what they should not do!


The following are the top three mistakes that I see most people doing so I want to list them down for you to avoid them.


Promoting A Product Without Trying It Out!

This is a big NO-NO. What would you feel if someone comes up to you and recommend you a supplement that can treat a certain illness but that person didn’t even try that himself / herself? We often believe only when the person who recommends also tried the recommendation personally. Hence, it is important that you try out something first and when you find that it works for you, then you can wholeheartedly recommend the product to anyone!


Promote To The Wrong Audience!

This is very commonly seen on social media platforms such as Facebook. In order for people to buy the product you recommend, they must have a need. If you share an affiliate link for a paleo recipe eBook in your Facebook profile and most of your friends don’t even cook, do you think you will get any sales from it?


One very important lesson here is to think who needs the product that you want to promote. For example, if you have an online training program teaching people how to use LinkedIn to get leads, do you think it is more effective to share this program in Facebook or LinkedIn?


The chances of getting sales will be a lot higher if you promote the right product to the right crowd. Always remember this.


Spend Too Much Time Creating A Website!

Another expensive mistake is that most people started creating websites for their affiliate marketing business. Here lies the biggest problem – most people are not skilled at creating websites so visitors can tell if this site (by the look) is created by novices. Along these years, I have known many people who wanted to start affiliate marketing but their momentum stalled when they tried so hard to create a professional and effective website.


My suggestion for you especially if you have never created a website before, is to start affiliate marketing with minimal resources. You know what? You don’t even need a website to get started!


Once you can get sales without a website, this will give you more motivation to learn how to create a website professionally.


Now, it is time to learn what works for me and I believe it will work for you too!



Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Method For Beginners!


To make affiliate income in Singapore (or any other countries), you need to have two important components – Good Product & Targeted Traffic.


The advantage of affiliate marketing is that we don’t need to create a product. We just need to know where to find a good product that we can promote to make money. For example, ClickBank has a lot of digital products that many people are buying so you just need to find a good product that sells.


Once you found a good product, then you need to show the product to people who are keen to buy. There are a lot of marketing techniques online that you can learn to drive traffic but the most effective traffic is targeted traffic – meaning people who wants to buy the product that you are promoting.


Let me share with you the most highly targeted traffic, that is – Search Engines.


When someone is searching for “prevent hair loss” using search engines, you can be sure that this person is looking for ways to prevent hair loss either for himself or someone he knows. This is the time when you show your product to this person. This kind of advertisement is called Search Engine Marketing or commonly known as PPC (Paid-Per-Click). All these years, I have been using Bing Ads effectively to promote ClickBank products without a website and I have been teaching and supporting more than 10,000 students online doing this. You can refer to the online course here.


You can also watch the following video where I share how to identify good products in ClickBank to promote in Bing Ads.



Getting sales for your affiliate marketing is more important than creating a website. Most people give up because they tried many things but still couldn’t get their first sale! In my online course, I teach people how to get sales without having a website. The following is some of the testimonials my students posted in our closed Facebook group:







You can check out my most popular online course “Clickbank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website” here.



Latest – Making Recurring Income With Affiliate Marketing (Live Workshop in Singapore)


Good news! I will be running a live workshop (three weekly sessions) in March – April this year (2017). This will be the only live workshop I conduct in person in Singapore on affiliate marketing this year. If you are keen to find out about the dates. fees and coverage, click here.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and do feel free to ask me any questions you have in our Facebook at


Have a great experience with affiliate marketing!


Steps To Create Captions For Your Udemy Course

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I have been an Instructor with Udemy since 2014 and for these past 3 years, I found that students are more likely to take up my online courses if they are captions / subtitles included. The following is a message I extracted from one of my recent students.

sign up because of udemy course captions


It takes me a while to figure out how to include captions in my videos and I believe many Udemy Instructors are looking for an efficient way to add captions to their courses. The following is my way of creating captions using YouTube. I hope that this post can help many other Instructors there.

The Process

Before I go right into the exact steps, I would like you to have an idea how the whole process works so that you can have the big picture in mind.

First, you need to record your course video (it can be screencast or talking head, doesn’t matter). Second, upload this video to Youtube and you will type in the words (this is where your caption comes from – yourself!) as the video plays. Lastly, extract the caption file from YouTube.

As you may have guessed, the most time-consuming part is the typing of words while you listen to your own video in YouTube. Thus, I always outsource this part because I would prefer to do something else than typing in the captions. Having said that, I leave it to you whether you want to do it yourself or now. The following are the steps:

I – Login to your YouTube account. (If you don’t have one, please go and create one! Because you can use youtube to market your Udemy courses!)

II – Upload all your videos to YouTube and set it to private (because you do not want others to see your videos on YouTube!)

III – Once the videos are uploaded. Click on your first video and then click on the Subtitle & CC icon as shown below.

how to add caption to udemy course


IV – Click on ‘Add new subtitles or CC’ and select ‘English’, this is to add English caption (shown below).

udemy course add captions


V – Click on the ‘Transcribe and auto-sync’ then enter all the text, while the video is playing. Double check for spelling once you entered everything. (this will be the most time consuming part!)

create subtitles for udemy course


VI – Once you checked all the spelling, click on the ‘Set Timings’.

Set timing on youtube for udemy course


VII – Check the subtitle display correctly in the video and publish the caption.


VIII – Once it is published, click the Actions >> download, to download the .VTT caption file.


IX – You are done! I want to thank Scott Duffy from for sharing with me that now .VTT can be directly downloaded from YouTube (the only requirement is you need to publish the caption first).

So now you have it! I hope you find this blog post useful!

Do share with me if you have other ways of adding captions to your Udemy course. Look forward to hear from you!

P.S. If you are keen to learn how to create a profitable Udemy courseI have one here.

7 Udemy Courses You Must Enroll To Prepare for 2017

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(Updated: 15 Jan 2017)

I am really excited to share that Udemy (one of the largest online course providers) has just announced the  New Year promotion! Now you can get any course at just US$10 (starting from 01 Jan and ends in the next few days) instead of the regular US$100 to US$200. Before you get too excited checking out all the courses over at Udemy, I guess it would be better for me to start the ball rolling by sharing with you what I think are the top 7 10 courses that you must sign up to prepare for the year ahead!

Although the New year promotion has ended, you can still enroll the following courses at some discount if you are new to Udemy. Just click on the course links below and see how much discount you can get. For Singaporeans, some Udemy courses are also eligible for skillfuture credits! Enjoy browsing!


Copywriting Secrets – How To Write Copy That Sells

copywriting secrets

This popular course on Udemy is created by Lens Smith, who has been a professional copywriter for the past 20 years. In this 3 hours long Udemy course, you will learn how to write a structured and compelling sales copy, use the power of words to generate more sales and write powerful Call To Actions. Click here to check out all the video lessons!


An Entire MBA in 1 Course:Award Winning Business School Prof


Now, the reason why I mention this course is not only because this course is created by a MBA professor, but it has one of the most number of students enrolled online! With more than 54,000 students enrolled in this course and 5000+ good reviews, I urge you to check this course out if you are keen to start your own business someday. Click here to check out all the reviews and course outline!


Learn to Sell Anything by Grant Cardone


If you are running your business or in the sales profession, you must check out this course by Grant Cardone. Grant teaches the skills, techniques and strategies to sell anything in this online course. Grant believes that selling is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered. And in this course, he will show you how. Click here to view or enroll this course! Note: This course may not be eligible for US$10 offer, but you can still get it at a very low price.


Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory


This course is co-created by Jonathan Levi, Dr Lev and Prof. Anna. With over 60+ lectures teaching you how to learn anything faster and improve your memory, I believe this is one of the best value-packed course you can get in Udemy. If there is only one course you can get, this is the one! Click here to find out what you will learn in this course!


Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer


I highly recommend this course because we learn best by having fun! This course uses game as teaching examples for you to learn how to create games by learning C# using Unity, which is a very popular software to create games on mobile too. If you have always been wanting to create mobile games, then this course is ideal for you! Click here to take a look at this comprehensive course!


Body Language for Entrepreneurs


In my years of business in web design and training, I must say that impressions really matter a lot. And learning how to leverage our body language to our advantage in all kinds of event definitely helps! With more than 16,000+ students enrolled in her course, Vanessa Van Edwards has many awesome reviews for her course! Click here to find out the entire course coverage!


Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016–Stop SEO & Win With PPC!


Are you looking to increase targeted traffic to your website using Google? The fastest way you can do so is to use Google Adwords which is their Pay-Per-Click program. In this Google Adwords course, you will learn how to open a floodgate of traffic at your command. The Instructor, Isaac, also teaches you how to do conversion tracking and remarketing which are both very powerful web marketing tactics that you can employ for your business! Check out this awesome course here!


Social Media Marketing 2016 – Complete Certificate Course


Have you been wanting to use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, google+, Instagram to market your business but never seems to make them work? I would highly recommend this social media course by SO ME Academy because it covers from the basics to how you can create content on each platform to attract followers. If you want to start to learn social media marketing, this is the first course you should start! Click here to check out the course details.


iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional


This is definitely one of the must have courses if you want to learn how to create an app and list it on apple store. IOS 10 is the latest language right now. For just US$10, you will get more than 260 video tutorials covering from beginning to mastering IOS and swift to create apps and even apply for jobs or contracts as a IOS / swift programmer. This is so far one of most massively packed courses I have seen in Udemy. If you have been thinking of creating mobile apps especially for the apple store, then grab this one before the promotion ends. Click here to check out this IOS course.


Master Android 7 App Development


If you want to create mobile app and put it on Android store rather than apple store, then you must enroll in this Android app development course by Tim and Jim-Paul. From downloading and configuring a free software, to doing practical apps, the Instructors provide clear steps to help you learn step by step towards mastery. Click here to find out more about this course here.


So there you have it! These are the top 10 courses I would recommend you take up to prepare for 2017!

You can also view a list of highly recommended business courses by Udemy via this link.

The above links contain my affiliate id and I would be delighted if you purchase the courses if you like it. If you don’t like the idea, you can go straight to Udemy and search for these courses. Anyway, I wish you have a happy and fruitful learning!

Singapore’s First Website Care Centre!

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I am thrilled to share the news that I just launched my new company – WebBuddy – as the first website care centre in Singapore!




Over the years of conducting face-to-face workshops on web development, I came to a realization..


That despite having learnt the skills to create and update their websites themselves, it is not uncommon for students to come up to me and ask if I offer services to help them to maintain their business websites.


It became apparent to me that business owners are facing real, practical challenges when it comes to maintaining their websites themselves. For some businesses, it is the nature of website work that puts them off, because not everyone likes to deal with technical details.


Starting A Home Business: Are You Making These Top 3 Mistakes Too?

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3 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid For Your Home Business-sml720


Are you currently running a small business from home or perhaps hope to start one of your own in the near future? Then this post is dedicated to you!


I have met many different business owners in my years of running my own business and I can’t help but notice that there are a few common traps that people tend to fall into in running their business.


But the good news for you is – these mistakes can be avoided altogether!


In this quick 5-min audio, I share with you the top 3 mistakes to avoid when starting your home business and tips to help you overcome them:


5 Tools To Increase Productivity For Your Online Business

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As an online entrepreneur, it is important to find the right tools to help you streamline your daily tasks so you can save loads of precious time – which is equivalent to money savings!


Here are 5 quick and simple tools that that you can easily integrate into your routine to help you run your online business more efficiently – starting today!




Review Friday –

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This week, let’s take a look at – a website selling maintenance management software.

This company is founded by Ryan Chan, and Ryan has asked me to review his website and give him some suggestions for improvements, especially for his home page.

If you have seen Ryan’s website, you’ll find that he has already implemented the most up-to-date conversion elements in it, but I pointed out several areas that he can work on for his website.


Review Friday –

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Welcome to Review Friday! This week, let us take a look at Lenny’s website,

Apart from the clean and professional design, I like the fact that all his blog posts have call-to-action buttons at the end! This is a great technique to boost conversion (convert your visitors to subscribers) in a website.

I gave Lenny some ideas to further improve his website conversion as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips to boost his website rankings. Watch the full video below to learn these practical tips for your own website too!


Open Letter To All Our Affiliates

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apa-cropAfter much long-awaited anticipation, I am thrilled to announce that my first ClickBank product, “Affiliate Profits Academy” is now officially available on the ClickBank marketplace!

For affiliates, this means you can start to promote Affiliate Profits Academy right away and earn 50% in affiliate commissions (which works out to US$20 for every sale you make!)


Click here to view the product in ClickBank marketplace and generate your affiliate link to get started!

And this is how the product sales page looks like. (more…)

Review Friday –

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Welcome to “Review Friday”!

In this week’s video, I am happy to review David’s website, David runs an online portal selling his online courses and he runs an active blog as well.

Check out the review video below to find out what suggestions I have for him to improve his site, get more blog subscribers and convert them to customers!